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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Health & Beauty
Kick Start The Healthy Water


Imagine a typical day, when you shower yourself to get rid of the day's tiredness. You wait in the bath tub and watch the contaminants and the deposited dirt on skin and hair soaked away. You finish this freshening process, dry yourself, move out of the bath tub and this is what you feel:

  • More tiredness
  • More stickiness on the skin
  • Irritation in the eyes
  • The hair that look permanently mismanaged

What could have gone wrong?? It's your water!!

Surprising but true. Most of the water purifying plants use chlorine as the main part of the purification process. While the chemical plays its role in dealing with the contaminants, it also leaves the room for the side effects that are very typical to the usage of chlorinated water. If present in considerable amounts, the chlorine vaporizes with the steam, and enters the lungs and pores of the skin. The irritation in the various parts including eyes, nose, throat, lungs and mucous membranes is very common. Not just this, chlorine in any form is hazardous to the skin and hair as well. The dryness and itching find the permanent way to offer a prematurely aged appearance.

Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this. The simplest and the most cost-efficient is by using the water filters. This leaves us with the two main areas in the house which require attention in terms of chlorinated water usage:

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Posted by on in Reviews
Apple Tv


So yes, we finally spent those 100 euros and got ourselves an Apple TV! We are so happy we did it. It had been the perfect investment we did during the year 2013. When you read this article, you will see why.

First of all, Apple TV is just a small black box (does not occupy any space at all!) which connects to your regular TV. This black box creates wonders only in the presence of Internet connection. So yes, in order to be able to benefit from an Apple TV and the many channels in offers, you definitely need to have a high speed Internet connection. The set-up process of Apple TV is very easy. I won't go over all these details here, just follow what's written inside the user manual and you will be fine. What I will tell you in this article is what you can do with your Apple TV.

First of all, the greatest advantage of having an Apple TV is the ability to be able to watch newly released films with high resolution. You do not need to go to the movie center, you do not need to rent or buy a dvd at a high price. These movies which come with Apple TV cost maximum 6 euros. All you need to do is to buy or rent the movie on Apple TV whenever you want and enjoy your movie night at the comfort of your house. Let me tell you about the differences between buying a film and renting a film on Apple TV. Once you rent a movie on Apple TV, you can start watching it anytime you want within a month. However, once you start watching it, you will only have 48 hours to finish the movie. If you prefer to buy a movie, you can watch and re-watch the movie at any time you want.

In addition to movie rentals and purchases, Apple TV also features a variety of channels. You can get connected to radio stations and start listening to music from the 60s or 70s. There are numerous podcasts which you can subscribe to and listen. There is also a Japanese anime channel (named Crunchyroll) which allows anime enthusiasts to watch their favorite cartoons in original Japanese language with English subtitles.

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Posted by on in Travel


By James Bridgeford II

If you are a traveler looking for your next luxury vacation then you will find a variety of appealing destinations in South America, and one place you should definitely consider is Peru. Here, you can get a lot of luxury for a lot less than you might expect.

The experience you have and the quality of service you encounter are sure to exceed your expectations. To help you with planning your vacation here are some of the key destinations in Peru and luxurious hotel options and spas available in the area.


When visiting Peru you will more than likely start your journey in Lima. Previously, some travelers chose to fly directly to their next destination without spending any time in the city. However, in recent years there has been an increased interest in visiting the cosmopolitan capital.

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Video shared by on in Babies and Toddlers

This is a bit of a teaser video for the Kidkraft toy kitchen that arrives as a flat pack and requires some time to build. I took 2 1/2 to 3 hours and that was using a proper motorized screwdriver and having some flat pack experience. Note this is a as good quality as REAL FURNITURE ! It builds using the same fixings and often of greater quality. I hope to get some better photos for the upcomming review.

But here is a teaser video shot using time lapse photography as a feature of our new video recorder which I love but I am dissapointed by this recorders performance under home lighting a scenario we will want it to do better in.

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Posted by on in Reviews
Ipad mini


My husband and I are two adults but when it comes to iPad we are alike two kids who cannot share the one single precious toy. Well, this was the situation until a postman brought a brand new iPad mini into our lives!

Yes, it has been a little bit of an expensive online purchase on our side, but it’s definitely worth the price. First of all, it is much thinner and lighter (and of course smaller) compared to the regular iPad. Unlike the regular iPad, it fits perfectly into your palm and has the ideal screen size for reading. This mini iPad, which you can carry in your bag without feeling its weight, can easily become your favorite book, favorite magazine, favorite online game, favorite everything. Yes, it is a very light all-in-one technology!

Reading an e-book in any language is made a lot easier on an iPad mini since there is an embedded multi-language dictionary program, which is a perk of the new improved operation system. This definitely makes things more convenient for me especially when I go for a long flight or a bus ride. I just download the latest e-books in English, Italian or Japanese because I know that I won’t have to carry a dictionary with me in order to be able to read in all these different languages. This iPad mini instantly allows me to learn the definition of a word by just clicking on it.

I also prefer using iPad mini as an alternative to my smartphone when it comes to taking photos or videos. The relatively bigger screen, high resolution and the ability to upload the photos/video to iCloud with just one click make this mini device very handy.

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